Ex Machina: What i expected


Just finished watching Ex machina and i can simply rate it a 7.0/10. even with few characters the writers were able to pull it off. personally i didn’t like the ending of the movie or should i say i didn’t see it coming but i think there were trying to point out the flaws of humans ( our emotion can sometimes get the best of us) and she prove herself to be a very smart artificial intelligence.

i felt sorry for Caleb , he was only trying to help her. As she walks out of the room he was yelling and calling for her, i thought she would just turn around and say ‘gotcha, lets get outta here’ not until i started seeing the movie credits then i knew it is all over. The writers did a great job with the twist. but i would have love to see Caleb kiss Ava. you know like there said love always wins.


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