Description of the Avengers Infintity war trailer shown at D-23

If you aren’t excited for Avengers Infinity war that is supposed to be out next year. You are most likely a DC fan that hates everything Marvel or you rarely watch movies.

I think this is going to be one of the biggest movies ever made provided they don’t ruin it. The cast is massive with all members of the guardians of the galaxy ironman, thor, spiderman, black widow,falcon, black panther just to name a few… and they are all in one movie. I am very excited to see this.

As some people know, Marvel is owned by Disney and Disney had a convention about two weeks ago to tease its upcoming movies and Avengers Infinity war is one among many others.

Obviously…the trailer wasn’t shown online and it was meant to be an exclusive viewing to those present at the convention but many sites like IGN “which I  got the information below from” were nice enough to give us the description so that we could all imagine it in our heads before it is released officially

The trailer starts with the guardians running into the body of a damaged Thor in space and shows how powerful and terrifying Thanos is.  Just read the major highlights below.





    • “Death follows him like a shadow,” Mantis says of Thanos
    • Peter has Spidey-Sense!  He’s riding in a school bus as the hairs on his arm stand up as the villains’ ship descends to Earth
    • Spidey has his new costume, the sleek one he rejected from Tony at the end of Homecoming.
    • Gamora walking around in the Collector’s Lair where the aether from Thor: The Dark World is stored
    • Loki offering up the Cosmic Cube
    • A massive ship crashing into a planet
    • Seems like the Avengers — including Iron Man, Star-Lord, and Spidey — are in another realm at one point.
    • “This does put a smile on my face,” Thanos declares as he arrives on the planet and confronts the Avengers.
    • Doctor Strange and Star-Lord all trying to fight him
    • Quick shots of the Winter Soldier and Black Panther in Wakanda
    • Cap shows up WITH A  BEARD
    • Iron Man has a new kind of Hulkbuster-type armor and possibly a different match of armor
    • Thanos palming Thor’s head like he going to pop it like a balloon
    • Black Widow looks SUPER different, different hair. She’s blonde now.
    • Looks like there are several different battles on different fronts
    • Thanos wielding the gauntlet. destroys a celestial body of some kind — it was so quick but it was either a planet or a moon — and HURLS IT AT THEM from on the ground.
    • Is Tony Stark the last man standing? Is his premonition from Age of Ultron coming true? His face was ashen, he was shaken.

    The trailer was also shown at comic-con and that automatically means a recorded version will find its way online. One of which you can check below



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