Daniel Craig: Not Your Regular James Bond


First of all let me put it out there, I don’t like Daniel Craig as  James Bond don’t get me wrong Daniel Craig is a very fine actor, I love seeing his movies(Munich is a good example) but as Bond I don’t think so , I find so many flaws and it is painful because I’m a Die-hard fan of Bond.

I grew up watching the likes of Sean Connery, Roger Moore , Pierce Brosnan… all this actors played and did a memorable work with the bond franchise, My favorite bond being Pierce Brosnan , even with his movie “The November Man” you can still see that James Bond flow, the way he handled Situations , the neat suit, you hardly see him sweat. Daniel Craig just doesn’t do it for me, I don’t think he makes a good bond , he is the worst James Bond ever, this are just my opinion , it is totally debatable.

He goes against everything James Bond stands for, he completely has the wrong look for bond, too short, odd looking ( too serious than the usual Bond) and Big nose too , I just couldn’t wait to say that :). His approach to bond is charmless , humorless and stiff. Bond is smooth , Suave and not some macho tough guy that looks like he was in the army, he is just too rough, rogue for the part. My guess is there are trying to re-invent Bond, in quantum solace I didn’t understand what was going on for at least half of the film, there were barely 10 minutes dialogue, the rest was just fighting. Craig’s flicks are just too violent . I am really disappointed that this is what James Bond has been reduced to, those awesome gadgets we used to see and love ( like the invisible car) we don’t see them anymore.

We all love James Bond for his natural charisma, womanizing persona , martini shaking kind of way of 007. And still Daniel Craig or should I say the directors and writers had to redefine the character. Hey why mess with perfection right ? I liked James Bond just the way he was and I am sure you do too, if I want to see a power struggle spy movie there is always Bourne identity.

James Bond should rival Chuck Norris in his awesomeness . Daniel Craig in the other hand gets his heart broken by a chick. Quantum of Solace focuses on Bond’s revenge over the betrayal of the woman he loved. Does that sound like James Bond to you ? Ian Flemming won’t be happy with this shitty Bond in his grave… Check out the comparison between Quantum of Solace trailer and Die Another Day trailer (featuring the very best 007 Pierce Brosnan), Even Skyfall was still far from our normal 007 Movies.

When the rumor surfaced of Craig’s casting as James Bond, Everyone was complaining , some said he was too ugly , too short….. and now same people complaining are now defending him saying stuffs like he looks like Sean Connery . WHAT ??? get out of here!!!. I guess it won’t be much of a big deal if a black man is made James Bond one day, since everything is being revolutionized. And concerning a black man being James Bond I think Djimon Hounsou would make a very fine James Bond forget about the accent LOL.


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7 thoughts on “Daniel Craig: Not Your Regular James Bond

  • July 30, 2015 at 9:38 pm

    Great article. As if you read my mind. I so hate the new 007. Craig is a thug, a far cry from a gentleman.

  • August 13, 2015 at 8:03 am

    Wow. This is a surprising article, I mean, it’s totally off tangent. In the first place, did you ever read and of the bond novels by I. Fleming? The closest description to his Bond is Daniel Craig, even more than the celebrated S. Connery. When I say closest description, I don’t just mean physically, but also attitudinally. While Fleming’s Bond could be charming, sipping from glasses of Martini, shaken and not stirred, and gambling with a femme fatale perched at his side, he could also be a bit of a brute like Craig.

    On Brosnan being your favorite Bond, well, after Die another Day, film critics around the world suggested he looked too much like a gigolo for the role. His fate was sealed when Vin Diesel starred in XXL (triple X). The entire Bond enterprise suddenly looked a bit yellow in the tooth and needed a new direction, a new Savior. Enter D. Craig. Since his entry, the franchise has been saved. The bond movies have become more authentic, with less futuristic gadgets and Craig’s thuggish charm. Each Craig-Bond outing has been a box office hit. And the Queen of England loves him.

    On a black bond? I think Hansou should be a villain rather than Bond. Did you see him in Furious 7? Oh, he looked splendidly Mephistophelian. I’d tap Idris Elba for Bind instead. He’s got half the women in the world swooning already, he’s got the accent, and Lord knows he’s got the swag.

    • August 13, 2015 at 9:57 am

      Hello David,
      Hansou wouldn’t make a ruthless villain but he can be a really good Bond, yeah i saw him on Fast 7, splendid must i say. If you have seen Guardians of the Galaxy you will know that Hansou is an actor who knows the nitty gritty of being awesome, it comes natural to me.

      i see you are a Daniel Craig’s fan, “While Fleming’s Bond could be charming, sipping from glasses of Martini, shaken and not stirred, and gambling with a femme fatale perched at his side.” does that sound like Daniel Craig to you ?. I know Skyfall is the highest grossing James Bond movie but that is only because a movie now is surely gonna place higher than others.. you can’t compare Skyfall with Die Another Day can you ? The latter is far better. Let’s wait see what SPECTRE holds.

      • August 13, 2015 at 1:03 pm

        Hmm, Precious…on that female fatale.. Isn’t that what he was doing with Eva Green in Casino Royale? Now, I know you’re going to argue and say she was part of the team. I know that grand opening of Die Another Day, Bond and two others surfing high waves, gets you. It gets me too. But you have to admit serious movie-going folk these days, can’t be expected to take a villain with diamonds studding his face, seriously. D. craig is the rough diamond you send on kill missions and trust that by movie’s end he’ll render a polished finish. Craig delivers that. Connery was too polished, Roger Moore was a clown, Tim Dalton was ill-suited, Brosnan too manicured… Craig doesn’t have to do a thing to let you feel tension from the spring coiled inside him just waiting to unleash. And for the sake of reality, Craig’s countenance best fits that of a man who has supposedly murdered several people. Living with death can’t be easy. The other Bonds are too comfortable with the weight of lives they’ve taken. While Craig is cold and detached, you still feel the moral weight of his actions on his person. He’s a 100% authentic killer, rough, often bloodied, crude, and serious. And he did have another female fatale perch at his side, in Casino Royale. But she was one of those left swinging in the hammock of passing events…

        • August 13, 2015 at 4:06 pm

          I agree in terms of living with the death but maybe the charisma of the others Bonds hides their angst, you said it yourself “Connery was too polished, Roger Moore was a clown, Tim Dalton was ill-suited, Brosnan too manicured” This is why i said Craig didn’t suit the part, so much difference with the other Bonds. If i want to watch a spy movie with a ruthless actor 100% authentic killer i will go for Bourne Identity not James Bond. The Gadgets and womanizing attributes gets to me and it is a very essential part in the Franchise you can’t just take that away. James Bond would be meaningless.

          And you shot yourself in the foot talking about Daniel Craig’s relationship in Casino Royale. is heart was broken (very funny ) Does that sound James Bondish ?. A guy can walk up to a girl and say “The name is Bond, James Bond” Daniel Craig is killing this perfect line 🙂

          • August 13, 2015 at 5:34 pm

            Hmm, Matt Damon’s Bourne wasn’t really a brutal cold killing machine. From Bourne Identity he was a vulnerable, haunted, hunted man. A more lethal brutal killing machine would be Statham in Furious 7.

            About Bond’s broken heart. Do cold killing machines have a heart that can be broken? So, we’re both limping now from where we’ve both shot ourselves in our feet, huh? Lol.

            In all truth, Precious, I get your point. Craig, even in other movies, does look as if he was born with a mouth full off teeth, rejected the nipple, fell off the bed and hit the ground running to his first mission. Perhaps Michael Fassbender’s got the right amount of murderousness and charm? For Bond, I mean? Would you bet on him or Idris Elba, to say, “The name is Bond, James Bond”?

          • August 13, 2015 at 9:57 pm

            LOL David Oyelowo just beat Idris Elba for the Bond bragging rights.

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