Chris Pratt The Next Indiana Jones ??


When I read about this I just smiled, I don’t care if it is just a rumor (for now) or not . Chris Pratt is a great actor and if anybody is going to walk in the shoes of the Harrison Ford, I think it’s my man Chris.

We all saw what Chris did to Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy, both movies are box office success. There are no limitations of what Chris Pratt can do , if you can communicate with a Dinosaur let me see you hands up ? nobody ?. Just have a mental picture of Chris wearing the indy famous jacket with his hat and carrying a whip, I don’t know but after reading about this rumor I am seeing some striking resemblance between Chris and Harrison Ford, They both have that humorous side and can still blend it with action .


Indiana Jones can drive anything. Pratt looks good on a motorcycle , and we’ve already seen him do spaceships in Guardians of the Galaxy , although there’s an obvious missed opportunity not letting him fly one of those helicopters in Jurassic World.

Nevertheless lets not forget there is always the risk of screwing things up, if you remember George Clooney’s batman or you are one of us against Daniel Craig as James Bond, I am sure you get my point. Being cast into this iconic role is a great honor and a career boost when done right.

TMZ caught up with Pratt to get a statement about the potential casting, as he had just gotten off a plane when he was bombarded by the cameras, when asked about whether he was in talks to become the new indy, the Guardians of the Galaxy star said:

“No, I don’t know. I just got back from the being in the woods, killing a bunch of stuff. Maybe, but this is very jarring. I had no idea, first I’m hearing of it”.

The news of Chris Pratt’s potential ascension to Indiana Jones broke a couple of weeks ago. With the Marvel movies doing gangbusters at the box office and the Star Wars franchise gaining new life with Episode 7, coming out this December 18. Disney turned its attention to bringing back the Indiana Jones franchise. While developments are in their early stages, the Mouse House was said to be eyeing Pratt, though no official talks has been confirmed at the time. However these latest statement from the man himself prove that he hasn’t in fact been approached yet. But time will tell, so will he pick up the iconic hat and whip or not ? we just hope so because nobody wants to see Shia Labeouf as the new Indiana Jones.


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