A Few Interesting Clips from Ron Howard’s In the Heart of the Sea


In the Heart of the Sea is out today and while most of you are probably waiting for what’s coming next week in a galaxy far far away, here are a few clips from the movie based on the story that inspired Moby-Dick.

Initially In the Heart of the Sea was supposed to open in March earlier this year, only to be moved to December in the end. Historically that’s a sign the studio has faith in the feature, they want it closer to awards season, plus movies with good word of mouth usually tend to perform better in December than any other month of the year. Unfortunately In the Heart of the Sea currently stands at 46% on Rotten Tomatoes after 126 counted reviews and is tracking to open around $10-12 million this weekend with just seven days to breath before Star Wars: The Force Awakens takes over its IMAX screens and pretty much lays waste to everything else out there. In hindsight I’m sure the people at Warner in charge of scheduling are probably regretting that decision right about now. I don’t know if March would have been kinder to In the Heart of the Sea, but I’m sure it couldn’t have been worse than what’s in store this month.

But enough about that, I promised clips so that’s what I’m going to deliver, starting with this one called “What Was That?”.

Because I will see In the Heart of the Sea tomorrow I’d rather not watch these clips, so I’m only going to throw in here the names of said clips and little else. This one is called “Make Sail”.

Third one is called “Prepare to Abandon Ship”, pretty self-explanatory.

“We’re Heading Into a Storm” is probably something no sailor wants to hear.

“Captain’s Decision” is final.

“He’s Mine”, said Chris Hemsworth about the gigantic white whale.


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