7 Awesome Movies You Might Have Missed

We can’t watch everything right? But nothing beats a great movie on a slow and boring day. Anyway due to my inquisitive nature, i make it my job to try as much as possible to see every interesting movies out there (I know it’s weird, but it’s a little hobby of mine I set up for myself). So here are seven awesome movies you might have missed.

the words, bradley cooper, zoe saldana, olivia wilde,
1 The Words: The Words (2012) starring Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana and Olivia Wilde —When I first saw the cast I was hooked immediately. The Words is the kind of movies I love watching, the once that keeps you guessing and even after the movie ended you still don’t know what went on. For some reasons I saw similarities between The Words and Limitless, maybe because Bradley Copper plays a writer in both movies.
The Words is a movie about a writer that stole the work of another writer. When he hit stardom with the stolen book, things became shaky as the old man came looking for him and fans were expecting another great work from him.
I found this movie mesmerizing, I was going to write a review about it before but here you go. It’s a story inside of a story and partly inside another story. The story was heartbreaking, and intriguing. It was beautifully done and left me with a feeling of reverence. I am recommending The Words to everyone.

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2 Mr. Nobody: Some movies are simply too strange to put into theaters. That seems to be the case of “Mr. Nobody”. An existential sci-fi romance starring Jared Leto ( Nemo Nobody). Mr. Nobody is confusing and interesting at the same time, and it makes you wonder about your decisions. This movie is for a mature audience. If you want a movie that will challenge you intellectually, I am recommending Mr. Nobody. “if you never make a choice, anything is possible.”

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the pick up artist, robert downey jr, iron man
3 The Pick Up Artist: The Pick Up Artist (1987) starring Robert Downey Jr. Another awesome movie you should see and not because its starring “Iron-Man”. The Pick Up Artist is a low-budget romantic comedy. A play-boy (Robert Downey Jr) puts his best move to test as he tries to get a lovely tour guide at a New York museum and soon find himself hopelessly in-love with her and entangled with the mob.

Road to perdition, tom hanks, daniel craig, jude law
4. Road to Perdition: Road to Perdition(2002) starring Tom Hanks, Jude Law, Daniel Craig. You should add this movie to your must watch list. Even though the first 20 minutes of the film is boring but it’s a good movie overall.
After I saw ‘Road to Perdition”. I knew I admired it, but I didn’t know if I liked it. I am still not sure. It is cold and holds us outside. Yes, there is the love for Hanks and his son, but how sadly he is forced to express it.
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5 Reservoir Dogs : Another one of Quentin Tarantino masterpiece. Reservoir Dogs (1992) is a movie everyone must see. A group of robbers went and robbed a jewelry store. After a successful heist, the cops got an anonymous tips ( one of the robbers tip the police) So who is the police informant among them? Is it Mr. White ? Mr. Blonde? Mr. Orange? Or Mr. Pink ? You don’t want to miss this movie.

the saint, Val Kilmer
6 The Saint: The Saint(1997) starring Val Kilmer, I thoroughly enjoyed this film and not just because of Val Kilmer’s accomplishment at successfully being eye-candy. But also because of the amazing personality transformations his character goes through in front of the mirror.
The Story line itself is pretty impressive, and I love that although it keeps you guessing, you don’t end up wondering, “What the hell is going on?” The science side is played down enough for the audience to know its there but not to get distracted by its details. I don’t want to include any spoiler in this movie. Just go and see it.

12 angry men, twelve angry men, henry fonda
7 Twelve Angry Men: I Save the best for last :).Twelve Angry Men(1957) is a story of twelve men (not all of them are angry though). Who are all up on jury duty and have to go to the jury room to take a vote that normally would take a few minutes to do. But on deciding whether a boy is guilty of killing his father, one man’s (Henry Fonda) uncertainty begins to slowly unravel the bigger picture and raise more questions.

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    12 Angry men. Now that is a movie I never joke with… The dialogue is just out of this world.


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