5 Interesting TV Shows You Shouldn’t Watch With Your Parents

Watching a TV show with your parents is really fun until a nude or s*x scene pops up. It’s really awkward trying to act like you are not seeing it or you don’t know what is happening. For me that’s the time i start looking at my phone or go to the bathroom for an imaginary pee. These Tricks has been efficient for me but some TV shows are just not meant to be seen with our parents.

So we are looking at TV shows that might make family viewing a little more uncomfortable. These shows are filled to the brim with s*x, violence and drug use. Here are our top five TV shows you shouldn’t watch with your parents.

tv series you shouldn't watch with your parents

1. Spartacus: Spartacus is a great show, it is filled with action and nudity and the nudity really helps in bringing realism into the show. I first watched Spartacus with my family with nudity popping up every five minutes i have to excuse myself and find a good alone time to watch it.

tv series you shouldn't watch with your parents

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2. Power: Power is a show about drugs, love and of course power. At about 3 minutes to the opening pilot of the show , we were welcomed with a s*x scene between Jamie and Tasha. Power is a really interesting TV show with lots of nudity. we saw too much of Jamie’s butt till the butt starts looking like bare chest. I am a big fan of Power and can’t wait to see the power tussle between Jamie and Tommy in season 3 (#TeamTommy).

tv series you shouldn't watch with your parents

3. Banshee: When you have action TV show with lot of nudity very little can go wrong. Banshee is another great action TV show with lots of intriguing action scenes and nudity is all over the place. My best character being Joe (never seen a character like that, which makes it interesting). Banshee became boring in Season 3 after they killed off Deputy Siobhan Kelly and the writers became very lazy. The season 3 Finale was a joke– how can just two men go into a military camp filled with ex-marines and commandos and start shooting without getting killed at the gate.


4. Shameless: Shameless is a comedy drama about a single father of six who spends much of his free time drinking at bars. The Gallagher children — led by oldest daughter Fiona (Emmy Rossum), who takes on much of the child-rearing responsibility due to her mother’s absence — manage to raise them..selves in spite of Frank’s lack of parenting and unusual parenting style when he does choose to act like a father. I have seen just few episodes of Shameless and there are lots of nudity in them. You can’t watch this TV show with your family. But it is a pretty funny show you are gonna like it.

tv series you shouldn't watch with your parents

5. Game Of Thrones: There’s more s*x in this show than you can imagine. It also has more viciously brutal murders than you’d probably care to visually experience with your immediate relatives. While the show is addictive to watch, sometimes for the s*x and violence, it might be too much for the folks.

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